Invest in a BABY SAFE

Regular price R 11,000.00

It is estimated that well over 3500 babies are abandoned in South Africa every year. Of every three babies who are abandoned, two will die. These stats are, underreported, however terrifying in their diluted form.

Although no safe abandonment law exists in the country, we know that providing safe, anonymous options to mothers can help save the lives of babies who may otherwise be unsafely abandoned and consequentially die.

This investment will allow us to install a baby safe in a an area that it is needed. Baby safes provide a safe alternative to abandonment - allowing a mother to surrender her child if she can no longer care for them. Along with a group of experts, our wonderful team will man this baby safe 24/7 so that any baby placed into the safe can be offered the best possible chance at a safe, healthy and happy life.